On March 23, 2003, founder JR Lopez was a 21-year-old Infantry Marine in the Iraq War learning about real leadership from the courageous acts of his command and fellow Marines, who “led from the front" towards the enemy’s front line in the Battle of Nasiriyah.

Coincidentally, on March 23, 2017 the founder established 0300 PRO, LLC based on the lessons he learned in battle and working anti-narcotics for the federal government.

Those lessons remain vivid in the Company’s guiding principle of serving “the Front Line Officer/Agent", meaning engineering effective, industry-specific equipment and tools based on tested and proven experience in the front lines

0300 PRO

0300 PRO was created from direct field knowledge gathered from over a decade of working anti-narcotic units and combat deployments in the U.S. Marines Infantry.

The 0300: comes from the founder’s experience in U.S. Marines’ Infantry units under the general 0300 Military Occupational Specialty (MOS).

The Pro: comes from the founder’s dedication of striving for excellence whether combating terrorism in far lands, interdicting narcotics or creating an effective and useful tool for the dedicated and hardworking anti-narcotics officers/agents.